Mobile Testing for DOT/CDL Exams!

May 23, 2017

We are pleased to announce the beginning of our mobile DOT/CDL testing service for drivers requiring this examination!!!

For years we have watched our drivers struggle to access physicians offices for their CDL required examination/certification . Drivers must take time off the clock to find the doctor’s office only to have extended wait times in the waiting room and then finally go through the examination process. In many cases finding that there is no parking space for their large rigs and in rare cases having to jump through unnecessary medical requirements that are not related to the DOT curriculum

With our mobile testing unit we will be able to bring the DOCTOR to the driver !!! Our mobility will enable us to provide exams at the same low cost of $99 to drivers on-site at popular Southwest Florida trucking centers.

Most drivers will be able to acquire their CDL in the same time that it takes for them to make a stop for fuel and food. Our doctor and staff have been performing these tests for many years and have been able to provide quality exams while streamlining the process.

Drivers can always continue to receive their testing at our Naples office but now they have a choice that in most cases will save them time and money, they will be able to schedule via the phone, email or text (239 – 398 – 9863)

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