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Hemp oil, what’s the buzz?(Part III)

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Life with Moxie has had the pleasure to sit down with Dr. Kyle Nevius, physician on staff at Physicians Regional Medical Center, expert medical advisor for the State of Florida and consultant to the Agency for Healthcare Administration. We discussed what CBD oil is, what it means to the medical community and more importantly, to those being cared for by the medical community. Dr. Nevius, is part of the Realm of Caring partnership- partnered with Johns Hopkins University, they work with hospitals, doctors, and researchers to stay at the forefront of cannabis science, constantly striving to find new and better treatments and applications for cannabinoid therapies.

In last week’s article, our conversation with Dr. Nevius answered several great reader questions and offered great examples of patient experiences (read it here). This week we are going to discuss a few of the profound, healthcare-changing research findings and learn about partners that are dedicated to supporting patients. Dr. Nevius, who is a proponent of Charlotte’s Web CBD oil (find it here), is on a mission to heal and prevent disease and disorders with this completely natural, over-the-counter supplement as a core element of treatment where appropriate.

Dr. Nevius said “In the short time that we have worked with patients in Southwest Florida we have experienced positive changes that I have never experienced in over 30 years of healthcare.”

Here is a quick sample- one of many recent studies, Trial of Cannabidiol for Drug-Resistant Seizures in the Dravet Syndrome. This study details CDB passing of yet another major clinical trial. Here is a brief summary:

“The Dravet syndrome is a complex childhood epilepsy disorder that is associated with drug-resistant seizures and a high mortality rate… The Dravet syndrome is a catastrophic early-onset encephalopathic epilepsy, with a high mortality rate, for which no antiepileptic drug has been approved in the United States. Convulsive seizures are associated with the risk of sudden unexpected death in epilepsy… This trial showed that cannabidiol reduced the frequency of convulsive seizures among children and young adults with the Dravet syndrome over a 14-week period.”

If you haven’t heard about the young girl who launched CBD oil as a treatment in this realm, you can hear her story here, her name is Charlotte and she is what the Charlotte’s Web CBD oil that Dr. Nevius carries is named after. It was basically a groundbreaking crap-shoot.

Studies are rapidly accumulating- they take years to complete, so they’ve just really started rolling in since all the legalization battles have finally ended. They are promising across so many areas. From simple inflammation and sleep issues, to Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Anxiety and Depression, Cancers, Stroke, Diabetes, Pain, Epilepsy, ADHD, Stress, Anxiety, Rheumatoid Arthritis and so many more. Clinical studies on CBD oil can easily be searched among the medical journals by going here:

Closer to home, the Realm of Caring partnership that Dr. Nevius is so proud to be a part of, collaborated with five universities on Realm of Caring initiated and funded studies.
They started the largest observational research registry in the United States and have 633 peer reviewed research papers in their library organized by specific diagnoses.

There are important scientific studies, then there are the individual case studies, the personal experiences that patients are having. Like this testimonial from a mom whose child was suffering from sensory issues and at school, with other children, it was causing devastating problems for her child.

“My son Maddox is six years old and struggles with sensory issues. He was angry going to school because kids made fun of him. He was frustrated because he can’t read. He was becoming an isolated child. However, recently we started giving him [CBD oil]. The changes have been incredible and almost immediate. He is not angry. He is happy. His ability to listen and focus has improved. His vocabulary has increased. His handwriting is better. His willingness to try things has improved. He sleeps 11 hours through the night. It has been the best thing we have done for our child.”

Here at Life with Moxie, this is what we appreciate most about access to CBD oil, it is for everyone, at almost every age and for such a range of lifestyle interrupting problems. There are extremely few contraindications for its use, even fewer known side-effects and its preventative elements are just as promising. Dr. Nevius made clear that CBD oil is not the be-all-end-all magic oil to eliminate disease from the planet, but he admitted that he has never seen such widespread benefit from a single source in all his years of practice.

Again, it’s not just big cases that are benefitting, it’s the most common, daily symptoms/problems that lead to serious lifestyle issues for individuals and families that CBD is bringing relief to. Like the professional soccer player who suffered chronic pain since he was forced to retire and became opioid dependent, who is now drug-free and back in the gym and active once again. As an aside, CBD has become recognized as one of the most promising transition supports to help get opioid users (and other users) to get off opiates.

Another person who is no longer suffering through their days is the mother of three who was suffering from a rare autoimmune inflammatory disease that originally had approximately four items in her diet that she could eat without severe G.I. tract response, who is now enjoying a more normal and regular diet. Then there’s the public figure who suffered significant anxiety with public speaking, who now embraces his social engagements and the retired golf pro who could no longer enjoy his sport due to chronic back pain and inflammation, who just last week told Dr. Nevius he shot his best game in over a decade.

Sound like something you’d like to explore? According to Dr. Nevius, there are five questions people should ask before starting CBD oil.

One: What is my recommended dosing?

Concentrations may vary between preparations, (500MG, 5000 MG, etc.) and so third-party concentration testing should be available by the company as it is with our Charlotte’s Web CBD oil. Testing in and above the 98% category. Consumers should be able to easily find the appropriate dosages for daily use- many times new patients have presented in our office with CBD oil products that are not labeled appropriately.

Two: Recommended dosages

The Mayo Clinic suggests CBD dosages on scientific research, publications, traditional use and/or expert opinion, the cannabinoid dosages and duration of treatment depend largely on the disease or intention, such as prevention-only.

Three: How much should I take?

This is based on diagnosis, age, sex, weight and past medical history. For example, there is a rare cytochrome P – 450 enzyme deficiency present in some patients that will affect their dosing, metabolism and response to many medications, however most patients are already aware of this problem and physicians can easily test for this enzyme deficiency.

Four: Method of use

One of the best absorption routes in the human body is sublingual, however many patients choose topical or oral methods such as capsules, your physician understands that the oral route can reduce absorption and will adjust your dosage accordingly.

Five: Quality

Finding a reputable company is essential. Interest in CBD oil utilization has gone up over 400% in the United States in the last six months, this means a lot of new product is hitting the market and not all of it is actual CBD oil and may in fact just be a bottle of vegetable oil for those just trying to make a buck on the buzz. We recommend an organic, non-GMO product, in the tincture form, that is taken sublingually, we typically do not recommend any flavored products as some patients develop allergic reactions to these products.

We also recommend you find a company that can certify and trace back to the original farm, where the product is sourced, as well as testing results for purity, quality and consistency. Dr. Nevius carries one of the most well-established brands to come to market, Charlotte’s Web. The company owns their farms and do all the processing in-house so they control the whole production process- ensuring that only the highest quality products are provided to their clients.

There is so much new information being generated daily about the value, uses and extraordinary success stories of CBD oil, if you are interested in learning more, Dr. Nevius regularly offers provide free educational talks to interested groups in Southwest Florida in an effort to inform and correct inaccurate opinions and/or prejudice about CBD oil and what it has to offer to so many.

Dr Nevius wanted to be clear, “no one supplement can be a panacea for all medical problems but when health care providers have access to an organic, non-GMO product with very little contraindications and a growing list of supporting evidence, it is worth a brief trial for the majority of patients who are interested in exploring an alternative option.”

If you are ready to find out more, Dr. Kyle Nevius can be reached at his office by calling (239) 596-4800, email him at or go online to

His office is located at 2355 Vanderbilt Beach Road, in Naples.

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